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Derek Cherven

Computer Forensics

About Derek Cherven

Derek Cherven is a former Marine and police officer who specializes in Computer Forensics in Boston, Massachusetts. Through his business, he works to protect users’ information from cyber attacks with his knowledge of firewalls, forensics and incident response. His mission is to protect his clients’ online and personal security by applying investigation and analysis to gather and preserve evidence from a computing device after a crime is committed. Derek Cherven’s background in law enforcement and 21 years of experience lead to a lifelong pursuit to keep others safe from harm both on- and offline.

Derek Cherven’s love for computers began early, when he joined the computer club in high school. Following his first job with an internet service provider, he started pursuing his degree at Dean College. However, Derek was soon accepted to the state police academy, and he decided instead to pursue a career in law enforcement, another childhood passion of Derek’s that he followed to the Marine Corps Reserves. After a year of gaining experience and discipline in the military, his former employer reached out to him about a position in management. Derek was later promoted to the Operations Manager, and he also spent time working on network administration.

When Derek came learned of an opening within the computer crimes unit of the Massachusetts State Police, he immediately applied. During his time there, he was able to remaster the police force training to include new standards for efficiency and competency, thanks to his military background and his history working with computers.

Shortly after his professional successes, tragedy befell Derek. While returning home one evening he discovered someone was in the process of robbing him and he was injured severely during the process of fighting the man out of his home. While the culprit was sent to jail Derek Cherven was unable to continue his job as a policeman with his injured knee and decided to retire from the force.

Not being the kind of man willing to accept he could no longer help people, Derek realized he already possessed the skills and expertise to help others in the much the same capacity as he did on the police force through his work in computer forensics; thus his business, cFAIR Technologies, was formed. Derek values his company’s fairness and efficiency and strives to uncover the truth on “bit” at a time.

Being somewhat of a mystified field, computer forensics firms will often overcharge clients and get away with it because of a lack of industry understanding. Derek Cherven is committed to running a transparent business, especially concerning prices. With decades of experience and confidence in his work, he can charge a fair price for his high-quality work.

The lack of industry understanding also worries Derek, because as technology grows and develops, people who don’t have a strong command of cyber security can fall victim. As cyber attacks grow more frequent and more intrusive as technology does the same, Derek Cherven wants to help remedy the issue by helping teach people and and make them aware of timely and relevant issues.

Derek wants to help innocent people protect themselves from those looking to hurt them, so in his spare time he’s finishing a his Bachelor’s in Pre-Law at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Looking to the future, he wants to earn his law degree so he can combine his two core talents — digital forensics and law enforcement — to continue helping others.

  • CEO at cFAIR Technologies, LC
  • Former United States Marine Engineer
  • Retired State Trooper – Digital Forensic Analyst

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What are the Best Computer Forensic Tools?

What are the Best Computer Forensic Tools?

The field of forensics has evolved in amazing ways with the advancement of technology. Forensic investigations can now be performed with the aid of computer programs that offer the latest in memory storage, file system organization, report creation, and data recovery. Below are some of the best computer forensic tools available on the market right now.

ProDiscover Forensic

A vital aspect of forensic science is the retrieval or recovery of digital data from electronic devices. Suspects will regularly attempt to hide or delete digital evidence of their crimes, so those who work in the forensics unit of state and federal law enforcement must be able to recover deleted data or find encrypted data that can be used as evidence in a criminal trial. ProDiscover Forensic is a computer security tool that can examine computer disks for deleted and hidden data while protecting the data it finds to create quality evidence reports that can be used during a trial.

The Sleuth Kit (+Autopsy)

Autopsy is an open source program that functions as a commercial digital forensics tool. It allows forensic scientists to analyze the data stored on smartphones and on computer hard drives. Autopsy is a graphical user interface-based (GUI) program which allows forensic scientists to interact with electronic devices using icons and easy-to-understand visual indicators to allow for easier navigation and understanding of the software. The Sleuth Kit is a program that works within the Autopsy program to analyze images and recover files from smartphones and hard drives.


CAINE stands for Computer Aided Investigative Environment. CAINE consists of a plethora of forensic tools in a digital format. CAINE is a Linux Live CD that is based on Ubuntu Linux LTS, LightDM, and MATE. It possesses a user-friendly interface that allows you to access many open source forensic tools. It also has partially automated report creation capabilities for convenient and accurate forensic analysis reports that can be submitted to a court of law as evidence. The most recent version of CAINE has been updated to meet the highest safety standards and the standards of forensic reliability. Data recovery, mobile forensics, network forensics, and more are available for use with the CAINE software.


The SANS SIFT ( SANS Investigative Forensic Toolkit) program is an Ubuntu-based program that’s available on a Live CD. Inside, you will discover tools and techniques that will allow you to conduct an incident response investigation or an in-depth forensic investigation. SANS SIFT has better utilization of memory, is compatible with a 64-bit base system, and offers an expanded filesystem support.